File corruption: how to find the guilty?

Doug Ledford dledford at
Wed Dec 16 05:59:40 PST 1998

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> I have a Linux box which shows random corruption of files. Example: all Perl
> scripts suddenly die with "segmentation fault". Reinstalling the same Perl
> package cures it. Two days ago, /etc/resolv.conf became corrupted : strange
> characters were in it.
> I wonder what to do? Change the disk? The SCSI controller? The kernel?
> I run Linux 2.0.35 (Debian distribution 2.0), patched for the Adaptec driver
> 5.1.2. Here is the configuration:

It's memory corruption.  I've seen this float through this list or that about
30 different times in the past.  Not once has it ever been a kernel or driver
issue.  In *every* case it has been either RAM, cache, or CPU.  Check the CPU
fan, check the cache (if it isn't part of the CPU) and check your RAM.

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