Patch 5.1.6 works now for me!!!!!

Doug Ledford dledford at
Sun Dec 13 21:22:03 PST 1998

Andre Hinrichs wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm very glad to say "It works!".
> Doug, did Holger have the right idea?

>From the conversations I had with him, no, he did it differently.  I
never looked at his code.  Once I got a handle on what the problem was,
I sent him a test patch or two until it clicked that I wasn't honoring
the p->transinfo[tindex].user_offset in aic7xxx_done() inside of the
section of code that scans the device capabilities from the results of
the INQUIRY command.  When we have a non-ultra 2 controller and we don't
know if the device is Wide or not, the value of goal_offset can change. 
So, I was setting that to the "correct" value based on the result of the
wide bits in the INQUIRY data.  I was forgetting that it we set it to 0
that meant we didn't want sync at all and I was accidentally wiping it
out in that case.  I just had to honor the user_offset == 0 case of
setup and then things worked.

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