ZIP drive on SCSI segment w/ other devices -- problem or not?

Nicolas Soriano nicolas at
Wed Dec 2 01:04:51 PST 1998

On Tue, 01 Dec 1998, James W. Durkin wrote:
>I've been warned off of placing a SCSI Insider ZIP drive on the same
>segment (the 50-pin narrow connector of an Adaptec 2940U2W PCI card)

I have not been warned, and I have a SCSI internal ZIP drive on a  2940U2W PCI 
card along with a PLEXTOR CDrom drive and 2 HP DAT drives for two years 
without problems (except the recent versions of aic7xxx drivers that do not
work at all ;-)

I use it intensively as I do with the DAT drives. It works well, with an
acceptable speed (~40MB/s using hdparm read test).

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