timeout error

Daniel Eischen eischen at vigrid.com
Thu Jul 31 15:30:06 PDT 1997

> I'm using the July 27 driver and 2.1.47.  When I tried to do a copy from a
> cdrom to a jaz drive (using tar) the system hung with this error:
>   scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 474 51, scsi0, channel 0, id 4, 
>    lun 0 0x08 00 6b 09 01 00 
> Anyone have an idea what the problem might be?  When I rebooted into Win95
> it was able to do the copy perfectly.

What card are you using and what's the layout of the bus?  Note that
I had to use an inline active terminator on my narrow bus because
neither my CD-ROM (Plextor 12-plex) nor DAT drive (CP C1599) would
terminate it properly - I was getting timeouts also.

If you have one of your drives terminating the bus, that should work
since they probably use active termination.

Dan Eischen
eischen at pcnet.com

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