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 I happen to have a usb dvb card which uses a rtl2832u chipset (MyGica T803
 - manufacturer says so happily says that they support linux - yeah
 The drivers are a bit all over the place, and apparently they wont add
 to the v4l tree due to a lack of key criteria. I have a version of these
 that supposedly work for linux 2.6 and were adapted from the manufacturers
 drivers (no longer available), and I'd like to test them using webcamd and
 I'm not entirely sure how.


 I tried following this post:
 [1] but I wasn't entirely sure how that would work with this particular
 driver. Can anyone offer some pointers?

I should clarify here what I mean. The driver is not split, and I'm not
sure where in the 'tree' it should be placed, or how to add it correctly in
the config file. Can I put it anywhere in the media-tree/?


 The drivers I picked up here: [2]"
target="_blank"> [2]


 I only have a short time to do this as I may have to take the device back
 if I can't get it to work, so I need to work quickly in the next few days.
 My intention is to get a working device that can be available outside of
 tree for those who might need it, and maybe someone might be able to use
 to get a native driver working or improve it for webcamd use.


 It offers dvb as well as dab so I think it could be worth it. It would
 put FreeBSD one step ahead of linux for once too :P


 Ok, maybe I'm chasing geese or barking up trees, but bear with me please
 This may turn out to be even a little bit useful. And if I can get it to
 work I may be able to convince the missus to let me keep it :D


 On another note, I have achieved success using the Digitech usb dvb tuner
 xc-4888 (usually available from Jaycar) using the afatech driver. I used
 the dvb-usb-af9015.fw v4.95 I extracted from a rpm and it worked fine. By
 the same method the KWorld 395U should work as well on linux and using
 webcamd on FreeBSD as both use the afatech driver and use a 9015 chipset.
 note about using firmware and where it should be placed would be useful
 webcamd users if someone could add it the docs somewhere.


 Also if someone here has write access on the v4l-dvb wiki they
 may like to add this info on the KWorld and Digitech pages. Kworld 395U is
 currently an unknown but listed. I don't have any access myself or I

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