Status of VIA Envy24 audio controller

Laurent Courty lrntct at
Mon Jul 17 21:36:27 UTC 2006

Le lundi 17 juillet 2006 19:52, vous avez écrit :
> ok, i write the necessary code and now also Chaintech AV710 is working
> under FreeBSD, so in other words another Envy24 chip: Envy24HT-S (+ WM8728
> codec) has support and much more AV710 uses VIA reference design, so many
> similar board like OOAOO SQ710II will run with that code, the code is based
> on my experimental Envy24HT code for my Terratec Aureon Spase, so currently
> both codes are mess and need to be refined.
> the files are here: in "envy24hts"
> directory
> @Laurent Courty:
> now it should be very easy to add support for SE-90PCI, but you need to
> find out the wiring between VT1720T and WM8716 on that board, if you think
> you can do it using digital multimeter you will be able to use it under
> FreeBSD.
> P.S. for Chaintech AV710 users WM8728 high-quality output is marked as
> "ALT-Out", it is black and next to SPDIF optical out.

Great news :)
If I understand well (my English knowledge is not so good, and my electronic 
one is even worse) , you are thinking that Envy24HT-S is similar by design 
with the Envy24MT ? The only thing to do is to find the wiring between the 
envy chip and the codec chip ? This can be done with a ohmmeter.

I don't understand exactly what do you call "reference design", but the 
Chaintech and Onkyo board doesn't look very similar to me.

For now, I do not have a SE-90. I will not spend 110€ in an audio card if 
there aren't good chance for it to be supported by my OS of choice.
On the other hand, if you tell me that this card could to be supported "for 
almost sure", I could buy it.

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