multimedia/dvdstyler-1.5b5,2 plist missing empty.mpg

G. Paul Ziemba paul at
Mon Jul 17 05:41:25 UTC 2006

When I built multimedia/dvdstyler-1.5b5,2 (current as of July 11, 2006),
on my 5-STABLE system, it didn't seem to install the file:


which it needs (at least sometimes) when burning a dvd. I manually copied
and things worked fine, so it seems to be just a missing entry in
the list of files to install.

I'm not sure about the protocol for notifying the maintainer: some
have asked me to email first instead of submitting a PR, so I hope
this is adequate notice. I'd be happy to write a PR if needed.


G. Paul Ziemba
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