Massive sound changes / fix (24/32bit pcm support, new sampling rate converter, various fixes)

Mathew Kanner mat at
Sat Jul 9 13:30:17 GMT 2005

On Jul 06, Ariff Abdullah wrote:
> After sometimes, I've decided to release this (massive 4k lines) diff
> to our sound driver. This need proper review and confirmation, before
> it can be committed.

	Hi All,
	I would like to note that this is most significant change to
the newpcm in long time.  Ariff has been kind enough to include me in
some of the private correspondence that has been taking place and most
of it has been positive.
	There are couple of items of Ariffs todo list and I feel he
should drive forward with features while he has the creative momentum.
We need to continue testing and reviewing for him while he does this.
	This *will* be committed unless a compelling reason, so please,
please, test this now.  You have been warned :)

	We should to CC to the mailing list so more eyes get a chance
to see the bugs, you never know where insight is going to come from.
(Though I'm guilty of keeping my e-mail private, as well)

ps, many thanks to Ariff
pps, his monitor just blew up, so don't be surprised if he's offline
for a couple of days

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