bktr with Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Rave

Markus Stauffer markus.stauffer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 19:32:12 GMT 2005


I recently tried to load the bktr drivers on my FreeBSD 5.4 System.
Somehow it doesn't detect the driver correctly:

bktr_mem: memory holder loaded
bktr0: <BrookTree 878> mem 0xdb010000-0xdb010fff irq 10 at device 11.0 on pci0
bktr0: Unable to allocate 1310720 bytes of memory.
bktr0: Unable to allocate 3555328 bytes of memory.
bktr0: MT2032: Companycode=3cbf Part=68 Revision=68
bktr0: MT2032 not found or unknown type
bktr0: Detected a MSP3410G-B11 at 0x80
bktr0: Pinnacle/Miro TV, Philips PAL I tuner, msp3400c stereo.

It is a new card and the linux kernel (2.6.x) detects it correctly
(although not 2.4.x):
> bttv: driver version 0.9.15 loaded
> bttv: using 8 buffers with 2080k (520 pages) each
> for
> capture
> bttv: Bt8xx card found (0).
> PCI: Found IRQ 10 for device 0000:00:0b.0
> PCI: Sharing IRQ 10 with 0000:00:07.5
> PCI: Sharing IRQ 10 with 0000:00:0b.1
> bttv0: Bt878 (rev 17) at 0000:00:0b.0, irq: 10,
> latency: 32, mmio: 0xdb010000
> bttv0: detected: Pinnacle PCTV [card=39], PCI
> subsystem ID is 11bd:0012
> bttv0: using: Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Rave
> [card=39,autodetected]
> bttv0: gpio: en=00000000, out=00000000 in=00fffbff
> [init]
> bttv0: i2c: checking for MSP34xx @ 0x80... found
> bttv0: pinnacle/mt: id=2 info="PAL+SECAM / stereo"
> radio=yes
> bttv0: using tuner=33
> bttv0: i2c: checking for MSP34xx @ 0x80... found
> msp34xx: init: chip=MSP3410G-B11 +nicam +simple
> +simpler +radio mode=simple
> msp3410: daemon started
> bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA9875 @ 0xb0... not found
> bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA7432 @ 0x8a... not found
> tda9885/6/7: chip found @ 0x96
> tuner: chip found at addr 0xc0 i2c-bus bt878 #0 [sw]
> tuner: type set to 33 (MT20xx universal) by bt878 #0
> [sw]
> tuner: microtune: companycode=3cbf part=42 rev=2f
> tuner: microtune MT2050 found, OK
> bttv0: registered device video0
> bttv0: registered device vbi0
> bttv0: registered device radio0
> bttv0: PLL: 28636363 => 35468950 .. ok

Any idea what i can do? The sysctl settings didn't help either :(

Markus Stauffer

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