Asus v9520 video-in

Kristofer Jarl defacto at
Wed Mar 24 10:23:23 PST 2004

Hi folks!
I recently bought a new computer with an Asus v9520 graphics card. It
works like a charm on my FreeBSD 5.2.1 installation, but I still haven't
figured if there is any way of getting the video-in function to work
under FreeBSD (the only OS I have installed, so I haven't tested it
under Linux or Windows). It has a GeForce FX 5200 chipset in it.
The only thing I've found for it is RivaTV for Linux, but there is no
port for it for FreeBSD. 

I would like to stay with FreeBSD, since it's so much more stable than
any Linux I've tried, but if my video-in doesn't work, I think I will at
least have to dual-boot...

Any suggestions?

Live well!


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