Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 for FreeBSD 5.2

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Now I got setchannel to work, the problem I had was that I tried to
change to a channel that didn't broadcast. Now I can record i.e. (cat
/dev/cxm0 > file.mpeg), but I still have two problems;

1. When recording no sound is recorded. 
I don't have a soundcard in my machine, is that required?  I recorded
the mpeg-file and played it on another machine. Do I need to do any
ioctl calls to configure the sound?

2. Cablechannels
I was looking at
http://developer.apple.com/technotes/tn/tn1012.html#RTFToC4 (mentioned
in cxm_tuner.c). The driver implements "B/G Off air channels" for my
tuner (LG). However I'm connected to a cablenetwork and need to
S-channels in "B/G Cable Channels". I tried to use channel from the "B/G
Off air mapping" that matched the Mhz for the S-shannel, but it didn't
work. What I'm I doing wrong? Does the bablemapping needs to be
implemented in the driver somehowe?

And one question;
If I use setchannel to change to a channel that aren't bradcasting. Is
the channel set to this new channel or is the old one used?

BTW. Thanks John for your great work!!! 


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> No broadcast there. Only one I got is my satellite on 647 MHz (ch 43),

> but I use the composite input in Linux.
> # setchannel -c
> ioctl( tfd, METEORSINPUT ) failed.: Invalid argument
> # dmesg
> cxm0: video decoder failed to lock

The error message means the video decoder failed to identify a valid
video signal within the allowed time.

1) Are you sure it's the composite input?  So the video output from
   the satellite box is a RCA phono connector connected to a little
   adapter which plugs into the composite / svideo connector on the
   Hauppauge card?  You might try using "setchannel -s" just to see
   what happens.

2) You might try changing the loop in cxm_saa7115_wait_for_lock from
   10 to 20.

> When using the -t option:
> ioctl( tfd, METEORSINPUT ) failed.: Invalid argument
> ioctl( tfd, TVTUNER_SETCHNL ) failed.: Invalid argument
> # dmesg
> cxm0: video decoder failed to lock
> cxm0: audio decoder failed to lock

As a dumb question ... I take it the coax connector on the
Hauppauge is connected to the output of the cable box?

Using -t to switch to the tuner will "fail" if the tuner
isn't set to a valid channel.  The input actually does
switch ... the METEORSINPUT ioctl merely seems to fail
because no valid video signal was detected.

The TVTUNER_SETCHNL should not fail if a valid video signal
is present at the chosen channel.  The BG channel mapping
used by the cxm driver maps channel 43 to 647.25 MHz.  You
mentioned 647 MHz ... did you mean 647.25 MHz?

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