mplayer/mencoder with bktr(4) device

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at
Sat Aug 28 12:32:17 PDT 2004

On Friday 27 August 2004 07:36, Damian Gerow wrote:

> I've got RCA in working just fine with mplayer, and both RCA and S-Video in
> working with fxtv.  But I'm having some quality issues with the
> de-interlacing of the S-Video input with mplayer -- can anyone give me some
> pointers?  I've tried various -vf's (hqdn3d, lavcdeint, pp, and pullup seem
> to be the best), but the picture is never quite as good as it is with fxtv.

That's not surprising, given that fxtv will simply just throw away one field 
if the window is small enough (and perform no deinterlacing at all if you 
pull it up to full size, i.e., full interlaced glory).

I myself use -vf lavcdeint,denoise3d=12:9:18 for watching TV and I'm quite 
happy with it.

> And there's a noticable difference between RCA and S-Video (on fxtv), so
> I'd like to get the latter working properly.

Composite video vs. split Y/UV actually should be expected to look different 
(i.e., S-Video should look better).

> Secondly, how does one encode the audio with mencoder?  If I'm looking at
> the above correctly, there's no support for the audio portion of this chip?

On my oldish Pinnacle PCTV, I need to connect the external lineout to a 
line-in on my soundcard to get audio. Recording that audio with mencoder is 
just a matter of setting the recording source to the line-in and turning up 
the rec mixer ...

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