FreeBSD Goals

Sigmascape1 at Sigmascape1 at
Thu Jul 15 09:23:17 PDT 2004


I am not a huge poster to this mailing list, but I am interested in FreeBSD. Generally speaking, is one goal of FreeBSD and its community, to make FreeBSD as easy to use a mainstream Linux distro? I'm just curious. I see a lot of potential for FreeBSD on the server side of things, but Linux and its various distros are now making Linux easier to use on the front end of things (client side) as well as being solid in the server department. Having used SuSE 8 and 9, I can say Linux has now entered a new world of 'ease-of-use.'

>From my position, I am much more interested in BSD-based alternatives that offer me and my staff alternatives on the client side. Obviously, Mac OS X is a strong alternative, but most of our hardware is x86-based. Our hardware is probably not change, so Linux is an option that is difficult to ignore.

Any thoughts?



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